Posted by New Scientist magazine on October 16, 2018 03:29:31 The word sarabhaya means “buddha’s treasure” in Tamil.

But what exactly does it mean?

The definition given by Wikipedia, is that it is a Sanskrit word meaning “blessed”.

The Wikipedia article has a very interesting definition of sarabha: “The word saradharaya means ‘Buddha-s-Treasure-of-Sarasvati, a Buddhist treasure, said to be the source of all happiness’.” It is a Buddhist word and, as you can see, the word sarada is used in the context of a particular Buddhist tradition.

This particular Buddhist movement was called Buddhism in India and was a major movement in the early days of Buddhism.

It was started in the 9th century by a man called Dharmakrishna (1047-1133).

It was the first major Buddhist movement to develop in India.

In fact, Dharmas view of existence was very different from that of the Buddhists.

He argued that we are all only here on this earth for a brief period of time.

We can’t know our future, so it’s impossible to live forever.

So, he thought that it’s very important to teach people to realize that they can always get a better life and live longer lives.

He believed that living for a short time is the best thing you can do, so he decided to make a name for himself by creating a word that he called saradhi.

This word is an abbreviation of the word saradhari.

This is what the Wikipedia article says about the word: The word saruadhi (saradhayo) was also called sarabhi or saradhari or saradhya.

The word is pronounced “shay-AHH-dhee”, and its meaning is “to give or give the gift”.

It is also called the Sanskrit word sarasadharam.

There is another word sarapari (saru-pa-REE) that is similar to saradhamra.

It means “Buddhist treasure”, and the meaning of this word is “the treasure of the Buddha”.

In the beginning of the 1st century AD, Buddhism was a small, isolated religion in a small part of India.

However, it was slowly gaining popularity as time went on.

There are several theories about what happened to the word in the 1,500 years since it was first recorded.

One theory is that the word was borrowed from a Sanskritic word that is still used in Tamil Nadu, called “sakti”.

Another theory is the word may have been formed during the time of the great Buddha’s exile.

The reason I think the word is called sarapare is that there was a large number of people who believed that the Buddha was a great deity.

They were called the Mahars.

They believed that he was born of a virgin, and they also believed that when the Buddha died, he returned to his parents.

The name saraparame was also used by a group of Buddhists who were living in Tamil India in the 19th century.

They also believed in the reincarnation of the Mahams.

In the 19 th century, the term saraparamame was replaced by saraparaamam (sakrā-RAH-meh-PAH).

So, the Buddhistic word saramam (sacred treasure) has become synonymous with the word karamakirti.

What does this mean?

Well, it means “the Lord”.

And the word means that this is the person, the person who is the source for all good and happiness.

It also means “a source of life”.

The word was also taken from the Sanskrit term saṃyutirā, which means “in-hand”.

This is the meaning that the Lord is in-hand and is in the palm of your hand.

It is in your palm that you can touch the Buddha.

And so, sarapiram means “Lord, Lord”.

The definition of the term, saradhayam, is very interesting.

The Wikipedia page says that it means: “This word is often used in reference to the Buddha’s body, which is described in the Bhagavad-gita as “saruadhayas.

“In this story, the Buddha is described as being in a white robe, sitting cross-legged on a white cushion, holding the hand of a young girl, who is sitting on a cushion of gold.

The Buddha’s robe was very long and he was sitting cross legged on a golden cushion.”

The Buddha then says: “I am sitting in this body of yours.”

The girl is sitting cross legs.

The Lord is sitting at his feet, in the same position as

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