It was a big night for Love.

In a first for Netflix, the streaming service had its “The Little Mermaid” movie, “The Witch’s Familiar” and a movie from Disney and Universal Pictures, “Frozen.”

“Love” fans who have watched it so far have enjoyed the emotional intensity and humor.

But the movie’s most important feature is that it’s also available on YouTube, and it can be downloaded to a lot of devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Android.

It’s also possible to watch on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

The movie’s release comes as the streaming giant is trying to catch up with Apple’s own iTunes and iTunes Match services.

Both services allow users to download movies to their devices, but the latter is a bit more complicated.

iTunes Match is more straightforward, but it does allow you to view movies on Apple devices, which means it requires you to subscribe to Apple’s Music app.

And it requires a subscription to watch movies on your Apple TV, which isn’t a big problem for Love fans.

The latest version of the app is called “Love.”

The app will appear in your library when you search for “TheLittleMermaid,” and the movie will appear when you launch the app.

The app is not compatible with Roku, and users have to subscribe through iTunes to access it.

But Roku users who don’t want to sign up for the service can download the app from the Roku Web Store for $0.99, which is $1.99 per month.

Roku users who want to watch the movie can do so on their Apple TV by launching the app and selecting “love movie.”

Roku users can also watch the “Love” movie on their iPhone or iPad by launching it in the iOS app and tapping the “film” icon.

Users who subscribe to iTunes Match and choose “love” in the “love movies” section can watch the trailer for the movie on both devices, and the app will tell them when it’s ready.

If you’re watching on a Roku, it’ll automatically start streaming the trailer when the movie finishes playing on a device that supports the service.

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