MSNBC has decided to put the blame for the worst movies ever made on the first time ever to a film critic.

In a segment called “The Best of Jeopardy,” host Mike Rowe talked about how movies that were released before 1987 could be viewed as being more recent, and also questioned whether there are any good movies released in the last 10 years.

“You’ve got movies that look like they’ve been made in the 1990s,” Rowe said.

“If you watch them, they’re just… you know, you can’t tell the difference between these films and the films of the ’90s, or the films that were made in 1987.

You know, we’re going to be making this movie, and it’s going to sound like crap, because the movies were made before the internet was a thing, but if you go back to the early ’90’s, these are the movies that have the worst soundtracks, the worst acting, the most bad editing, the biggest problems with the sound effects, and the worst editing.

And you know what?

They’re all terrible.”

In response, a movie critic named David Fenn said he doesn’t think the show is making a mistake when it calls the movies from the 1990’s as bad.

“I think they’re making the right call in calling them from the early 90s,” Fenn told The Verge.

“These movies, they look terrible.

I mean, look at the dialogue in these movies, these were horrible movies.

And these are films that are just made in this era of technology that just made everything look so bad.

And so, you know… it’s like, it’s not even the worst of the worst, it was like, the lowest of the low.”

Rowe pointed out that the 1990 film is actually titled The Worst of Jeoporchys, which is a reference to the infamous 1988 episode of the show where the Jeopardys champion played by John Cleese accidentally lost the show to the eventual winner.

“We’re not just making a movie, we are making a show,” he said.

Rowe also referenced the 1997 movie The Greatest Showman, in which the host played by Kevin Hart lost to the late Tom Cruise in the final round of Jeepers game.

“That was terrible,” Rowe continued.

“Tom Cruise is a great comedian.

And Kevin Hart is a fantastic actor.

And the thing is, Kevin Hart was like a joke, like the most horrible person that ever lived.

And this guy, Tom Cruise, was just so hilarious.

So, this is just a classic example of the terrible things that can happen when people make movies that weren’t made by the best.

I’m just saying this, because I’ve been on Jeopardies and I’ve had to do that myself.”

Watch the segment below.

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