Al Jazeera Australia has obtained the Blue Movie – a film by Australian director David Hogg – and is publishing the film in full here.

The film was released on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

This is a transcript of an interview with Blue’s director David, who was also interviewed by Al Jazeera.

[David Hogg]: I was at a cinema recently, I think it was called, and I was looking at the film, and a couple of my mates and I, and it was quite funny, we were like, “Oh my God, is that Blue?”

So I went to my mate’s and he said “Oh, yeah, it’s like that, we’re going to go see it,” and I said “Yeah, it’ll be about that,” and we went and we watched it, and we were both laughing and we said “That’s like a bit of a Blue thing, isn’t it?”

And then I said to him “It’s like what Blue was about,” and he was like, well, yeah.”[Narrator]: It is a tale of a man with autism and an ex-girlfriend who become partners.

“It makes me so happy.” “

It’s such a good film,” Hazel says in the film’s closing scene, as she lies on the floor, crying.

“It makes me so happy.”

[Narrators voice]: Blue was an adaptation of a novel by David Hagg, who is also a director and writer.

In the film Blue is a young man with a diagnosis of autism who has had a tumultuous relationship with his mother.

After he moves to New York, Hazel decides to move out of the house.

Hazel is initially rejected, and in the course of this rejection he decides to try and get help from the internet.

However, the internet can only reach people who are connected to one of two internet service providers.

Then Hazel discovers that the internet service provider he uses is also connected to the internet provider who are using the internet, and Hazel begins to feel his life changing.

(To Hazel) It’s so confusing.

I just feel like I’m not normal.

I just don’t understand what is going on, and the only way I can get out of this is to try the internet again.

He eventually uses the internet to help his mother reconnect with her children, and is also given access to the local internet service.

Later Hazel discovers he is connected to an internet service that is only available in the US.

So he takes this opportunity to visit the US, where he meets a girl who he is in love with.

And in this film, we see Hazel getting closer and closer to the girl, and he eventually falls in love.

When he meets her, she is also getting closer to him, and they have an affair.

Her parents, who are also autistic, see this and they send her to a school, which Hazel eventually moves into.

As Hazel starts to realise that his life is changing, he starts to seek help, and eventually his parents send him to a hospital.

His father begins to suffer from anxiety attacks, and his mother begins to have difficulty sleeping.

Al Jazeera: How did you decide on the title of the Blue movie?

David Hagg: We just thought, “Well, let’s put it on a website, and put it in the same genre as Blue.” 

[Narrate: A girl named ‘Hazel’ is] being sent to a public school, but she’s also autistic and her parents are sending her there.

We started out with a little bit of an ambiguous title and we ended up going with something that was a bit more explicit.

Narrator: The Blue Movie was produced by the Al Jazeera Media Network and directed by David.

David and Hazel have worked together before, working on Blue as a scriptwriter, and as co-screenwriters on the film.

They are also screenwriters on several other films.

Blue is about a man who has autism, who starts dating a girl with autism, Hazel.

She’s also a teacher, and her school is not very friendly to people with autism.

But as Hazel begins the relationship with Blue, she begins to realise the truth about herself and her life.

You see Hazel becoming the person she was meant to be, a woman of her words.

It’s a very touching film, with a lot of humour, and you really feel for Hazel, who you see as a character who is very fragile.

If she had a family and a job, she would not have the mental health issues that she has.

There’s also the relationship that Hazel develops with Blue. Why are

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