You can watch Hulu movies on your phone from the app for free.

The Hulu app has more than a billion subscribers and has long been the number one way to watch Hulu and other TV content, especially if you’re an iOS user.

The app also offers access to all of Hulu’s movies, including a movie database that’s easy to find.

Here are some tips for watching movies from Hulu: Open the app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Search.

Then tap the Show All button.

The top-left section should now show the following: Hulu Movies > Select All.

Click the Show Movies button.

You should see a list of all the Hulu movies you have installed on your device.

If you don’t see any movies listed, try removing them.

Go to the Movies tab and choose Movies > Movies from the main menu.

You will see a new tab in the sidebar with the movies you are viewing.

Scroll down and tap on the icon next to “Show All.”

It should show all the movies that you are currently viewing.

Select the movies and tap OK.

When the screen goes black, tap on your watch to rewind.

Tap on the app icon again and the Movies icon should show up in the upper-right corner.

Select “Open” to access the Hulu app.

Open the Hulu Movies app and scroll down.

You can search by name or by rating.

Select any movie in the database to view a list.

If the movie doesn’t match your search, tap the plus sign next to it.

If it does, you can rewind and continue your search.

Tap “OK” to continue.

Once you’re done with your search and you’re happy with the results, tap “Open.”

Select the movie you want to watch and tap the “Play” button.

If all goes well, you’ll see the movies listed on your screen and the app will open.

To end the movie, tap any of the movies to close the screen and watch it again.

When you’re finished, you will see an “Unavailable” message.

The movie is not currently playing.

To watch it on your computer, follow the steps below.

Open up a new screen on your Mac or PC and open up Hulu.

You need to sign in with your Hulu account first.

To do this, tap Menu > Settings and then tap Sign in.

You must be signed in to Hulu for the Hulu screen to appear.

Open Hulu and tap your name.

You’ll see your profile screen and a “Settings” tab.

In the “Settings tab” click “Sign in” under “Sign me in” and then click “Activate”.

Once you’ve signed in, you should see your “My Hulu Account” screen.

Click “Sign In” under the “Sign Me In” box to activate Hulu.

Open Netflix.

Tap Menu > Preferences.

In “Preferences” click on “Services.”

Select “Hulu.”

Click “Activated.”

Hulu will automatically start to show the Hulu homepage and any other services you’ve enabled.

If anything is wrong, open the “Help” tab and select “Error in My Settings.”

You should now see the “Unsupported Devices” error page.

Select an option to view the list of devices and then select the device you want.

If there’s a problem, tap an option and try again.

Tap an option in the “My Settings” tab to see the device and then open it.

You may need to wait for the list to update.

Once the list is updated, you need to manually rewind your entire screen to see all the devices listed.

To see all your movies, you must also enable “Playback” on your Roku.

You are only required to enable the feature once per device.

You do this by going to Settings > Video and then selecting the Roku tab.

Click on the “Advanced” tab under “Play Back” and follow the instructions.

When prompted, choose “No.”

Once you see the screen where you see your movie list, you’re ready to go.

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