Share This article Share The latest version of Salo is now available to download from the Microsoft Store, giving Windows 10 users a glimpse at the new game mode.

The Salo update brings with it a few key features that users will find familiar to anyone who has played Salo, including the ability to jump through walls and use the air to fly.

But the update also brings a few new features that will likely make the game a bit more interesting.

One of the new additions to the game mode is the ability for players to control a player character in the same manner as the player themselves.

To do this, you can drag and drop a character onto the top of the screen to make them float, or you can right-click on a character and choose a new one.

If the character you select floats to the top, you’ll automatically have the ability of “playing” that character.

This feature is a nice way to give players a sense of accomplishment when they unlock the ability, and also provides an opportunity to use the characters abilities on their own.

In addition to the new feature, players will also be able to use a variety of weapons to help them take down their enemies.

When you use a weapon in the game, it will automatically attach to enemies and fire their weapons when they’re knocked down.

This is a pretty cool way to use certain weapons, especially if you’re a heavy melee player.

There are a few different weapons in the store that allow players to do this as well, so you can use these weapons in any order you want.

Another cool feature of the game is that when you select a new map, it’ll automatically show you which player you’re controlling, giving you a quick look at who’s up next.

This new feature will also work for multiplayer maps, as well as in co-op matches, so the new map editor will allow for all sorts of crazy new ways to play.

This new update will also bring a few other minor updates to the way the game works, as Microsoft has improved the loading times of the menus in the Windows Store.

When playing the game from the start, the loading time will be about 10 seconds, but when you’re trying to load up a new menu, it can take as long as 10 minutes.

This means you’ll see some loading screens pop up if you load up the menu from the Start menu, or even from the Control Panel.

The loading times have also been improved in general, which means you should see a few minor bugs when you first start playing.

This is all good news for those of you who love playing games, and you can check out a trailer for Salo at the link below.

It’s an exciting addition to Salo’s gameplay, and we look forward to more updates coming to the Xbox app in the future.

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