A film is a perfect way to kick off a week of binge drinking.

But the effects of a month of binge-watching can be severe.

Binge-watching is the practice of watching multiple hours of a film, usually within a day, without stopping to think about what’s going on.

In recent years, film festivals and online video services like Netflix have provided binge-watchers with more options to enjoy their favourite films and television shows without being distracted by distractions such as music or video games.

The popularity of the hobby, however, has raised concerns among some that it could pose a public health risk.

A new study has shown that film-watcher binge-watchers are more likely to consume alcohol than non-binge-watcher drinkers, and the results of the study have led to a national campaign to tackle the phenomenon.

Dr. Joanne Lee, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Mount Sinai, led the study.

She and her colleagues interviewed more than 600 film-watners from across the United States.

The participants were asked questions about their binge-watched habits, including how often they binge- watched, and their drinking habits, and how much alcohol they drank in the previous 24 hours.

About a third of the participants said they binge drank a week or more, and nearly half reported binge-drinking for more than six months.

Those who binge-ruled the most often had binge-switched to other drinking activities, such as binge-buying alcohol or smoking cigarettes, and were more likely than those who binge watched fewer than five hours a week to drink alcohol.

About two-thirds of the sample had used illicit drugs.

“These results suggest that movie-watching might be a safe and effective way to prevent binge drinking and other harms associated with binge drinking,” Dr. Lee said.

People who binge watch more frequently and drink more often than others are also more likely and more likely in their drinking to binge-buy alcohol and smoke cigarettes, Dr. Johnson said.

“These are behaviors that we know are associated with problems with alcohol and drug use, and those people tend to be more likely (to binge) than nonbinge-watched people,” he said.

The study also found that binge-consuming individuals tend to consume more alcohol, and more often, than nonusers.

The researchers found that the proportion of binge watchers who reported binge drinking was significantly higher among those who watched more than five films a week than among those that watched fewer.

“The people who binge binge watch the most, in fact, are the people who are binge drinking more,” Drs.

Johnson and Lee said in a statement.

Researchers found that most people who watch more than 10 films a day have a higher proportion of frequent binge-goers, but the binge-busting proportion was only slightly higher among frequent users.

Binge drinkers also were more than twice as likely as non-binge drinkers to report having used drugs in the past month, and binge drinkers were also more than three times as likely to report binge drinking in the last 12 months.

The research is published in the journal Addiction.

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