By now, you’ve probably heard about Blackberries, the iPhone’s $499 smartphone.

It’s one of the first products Apple launched in 2013 and the device that changed how we listen to music.

Now that Blackberries is in the hands of millions of people around the world, how did it happen?

The answer, according to a new study, is the way it did because it was a product that changed the way we heard.

The study, published in the Journal of Music Theory, examined how music listeners responded to Blackberries’ first launch and its subsequent rollout.

The results revealed that listeners to the music heard Blackberries sound different than they had before.

When listeners heard the original version of Blackberries in 2013, the new version sounded a bit muffled and muddy, with a bass note that sounded a little less pronounced than it did before.

But listeners to Blackberry’s version heard it differently: It sounded louder and more powerful.

The findings suggest that Blackberry has given listeners a new appreciation for music, and in turn, listeners have a better understanding of the sounds that come with music.

And they’re finding these sounds in new and unexpected places, said lead author Michael Krieger, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Music.

It’s an important finding, Kriegers said.

“We think that it’s an interesting finding that shows how music has a way of changing listeners’ perceptions of what music is and what it’s not, which is a really important point.”

The study analyzed how listeners to an original version and to the Blackberry-based version of the same music heard the songs.

Blackberry had previously released its version of Songs in a Bottle in October, and listeners were told that it was the original.

The original version had a higher pitch and lower frequency range, but the higher-pitched version was a bit more powerful and the lower-pitch version was more muted.

The new version of those songs sounded much more powerful than the original versions.

The researchers used an online database called Audacity to analyze the audio in each of the two versions.

They used the Audacity plug-in to analyze every note of the original and the Blackberries-based versions, and then compared their levels of each of those notes.

The researchers found that the difference in power was much larger in the new Blackberries version.

They also found that, overall, the two Blackberries versions were different in their power, with the higher notes sounding much more power than the lower notes.

The difference between the original Blackberries and the new versions was even bigger, though.

The difference between Blackberries with the original sound and the higher pitches of the new ones was a whopping 25 decibels, the researchers found.

That’s a significant difference, and that’s one that is much more noticeable than any other difference that the researchers measured.

And it’s a difference that can be difficult to hear in audio, Krieler said.

You might expect a difference of magnitude between what you’re listening to and what you’ve been hearing.

You might expect something like, “Oh, you’re hearing a different kind of sound.”

But it’s hard to make out what you might hear.

You could hear the difference and you might think, “Wow, this is a big difference,” he said.

“It’s a different note.”

The difference could be subtle, Kieler said, and it’s easy to make a mistake.

But listening to a Blackberry version of a song, or even a song with the same notes and the same power as the original, is not a mistake at all, Kreller said — it’s simply a matter of perception.

The fact that the new notes are different from the original could mean listeners are able to hear the differences, but it’s still not something that is easy to hear, Kriek said.

It could be that the changes are subtle and the listeners are not consciously aware of them, Kromer said in an interview with NPR.

But what they are consciously aware, Kricer said is the difference.

In other words, the difference between what’s heard in the original in 2013 is something that we hear in our heads.

It doesn’t matter how loud the sound is, whether it’s in your car, a movie theater, or on the bus.

When it’s loud, it’s going to be more powerful, and when it’s muted, it sounds less powerful, Kriker said during an interview on NPR.

And that’s the important takeaway, Krianer said: It’s a little bit of magic, and the magic happens unconsciously.

It happens in our subconscious.

We can easily notice subtle differences in music, Kries said, but our conscious minds don’t notice it, and subconsciously, we’re not aware of that.

When you hear something that’s a bit louder, for example, it can be easy to forget that there’s a slight difference, he said during a podcast with NPR

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