This is a guide to how to watch every match on BBC Sport’s live coverage of the World Championship Final on Sunday.


What is the World Series?

The World Series is a five-game series between two teams from each of the five major countries of the Americas and Europe.

The series is a great opportunity to watch both sides of a World Cup, as the teams from these two regions battle it out in the same stadium.

The tournament is played every three years.

The teams in each country will be able to compete in their respective countries’ national leagues.

This year, Mexico will be joined by Colombia, Peru and Chile.


Where can I watch the game?

The games can be seen live on BBC Sports Plus, BBC Sport TV, the BBC Sport website, the ABC Sports app, on demand and on demand mobile apps.

BBC Sport is also available on iPad, Apple TV and Android TV.

You can watch the games on the BBC Sports app on iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Windows Phones, as well as on BBC One and BBC Two, as part of the BBC Classic Series.

You’ll also be able watch the matches on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 live.


What are the home and away tickets?

Ticket prices for the World Games are as follows: Tickets can be purchased online and by calling the Ticket Office.


Where is the stadium?

The venue is the Estadio Nacional de Futbol de Mexico City (National Stadium) which is situated on the outskirts of Mexico City.

The stadium seats 10,000 people and is the biggest stadium in the world.

The Estadios is surrounded by the Estacional, a giant park.

The Stadiums is the home of the Mexico Football Federation (Fútbol Mexicano de Futuros), which runs the football side of the tournament.


What will happen on the pitch?

The teams will play in front of an enormous audience of over 12 million people at the Estádio Nocicello.

The stadiums stadium is the first to be built in the World Football Stadium.

The field for the games is covered with thousands of footballs.

The game is played in front, with goalkeepers and defenders all positioned around the goal, with the goal line separating the two sides of the pitch.

The ball is also launched from the end of the goal and is taken to the centre of the field to be played.

It is a long, physical and exciting game.

The pitch is set up to provide the best possible conditions for all of the teams.

The goalposts are in front and the pitch is angled towards the middle of the ground.

The players are separated by a line of four white lines, which is a clear distinction between the teams’ supporters sections.

This line is also visible when the match is played.

The crowd will be split into three sections.

The right section will be packed to capacity for the duration of the match.

The left section is the away section, where the fans can gather.

There will be a limited number of fans on each section.

The away section will only be packed for the majority of the duration and a number of seats will be reserved for each section for the remaining part of each match.


How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets can also be bought online, by phone, by visiting a ticket office or by visiting the Ticket Centre.


How much will it cost?

Tickets are £4.50, including VAT, or £12.50 if you’re buying a season ticket.


What time will the match be?

The match will be played from 18:00 GMT on Sunday 6 August, with all remaining matches from 17:00.

The official kick-off time for the matches will be 17:30 GMT on Monday 6 August.


How will I find out when the matches are?

The official website will tell you when the games are on, as will a BBC Sport Live Feed from the Estacelli.


What can I do to help support the teams?

Fans can donate to the Estachion Nationales de Fútol Mexicanos and the National Football Foundation of Mexico.

The National Football and Futbol Clubs of Mexico and the Mexican Football Federation can also help out in many ways.

For example, fans can sign up for the online survey on the World Soccer website, sign up at a game and then donate towards the funds set aside by the clubs to support the families of the injured players.

If you have any other questions about the games, we’d be happy to hear from you.


When can I buy tickets?

The matches are available to buy online or by phone.


Where will I watch?

All the games will be shown on BBC TV and online, but you can watch at home by watching the BBC TV channel, BBC iPlayer or BBC Sport iPlayer

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