When you’re watching ‘Boytown,’ the movie that won Oscars for best picture, it might be tempting to think that you’re getting a new, more serious take on the darkly comic-strip roots of the ’80s and ’90s.

But while the film might look like it was made in the 1970s and early ’80.

Its star, Tim Robbins, is actually older than his character, an unemployed teen who becomes a lawyer working on behalf of the government in the film.

This might seem like a minor detail, but the film has its own history.

And while many of the characters and the plot may seem like they’re drawn from the ’60s and 1970s, they’re actually based on real-life events.

It’s the kind of movie that’s a little easier to understand when you know that it’s based on true events.

We’ve seen a lot of film adaptations based on the ’70s, but no one has attempted to bring together the same amount of true events, says David Fincher, who directed the Oscar-winning film “Spotlight.”

The movie’s director, Robert Zemeckis, had a lot to do with this.

When Zemezkis and the film’s producer, James Vanderbilt, first met, the director had only a vague idea of what they were doing.

He had no idea what the script was going to be about.

And even then, Zemekis had trouble imagining the world in which the characters lived, Vanderbilt recalls.

But then, at a meeting about the script, Vanderbilt noticed a line that was immediately clear to him: It was about the same time as the civil rights movement.

“I was like, ‘I have a story for you,'” he says.

Vanderbilt went to see the script and was impressed by what he saw.

The idea was simple: If the film was based on a true event, why not make it as real as possible?

In a sense, the movie was an adaptation of real-world events.

In other words, what it was doing was retelling the story of a real person’s life.

Vanderbilt says Zemekecs vision was not only to tell a story about an individual’s life, but also to give a voice to a real American community.

And it worked.

In the movie, Robbins’ character, Michael, is a young lawyer who gets hired by the government to help the families of victims of the Vietnam War.

His job is to help victims of injustice find a lawyer to represent them, which means getting to know them personally and making them feel like they belong.

He finds them in his neighborhood.

He’s the sort of person who’s trying to help people, and he’s a victim of injustice himself.

In “Boytown,” Robbins meets a woman who is being mistreated by the city, and she helps him solve a case of arson, which turns out to be a scam.

The film’s director wanted to take the story in a different direction.

“It was a different way to tell it,” Vanderbilt says.

“In fact, it’s the most extreme version of that story.

In that version, the real people who are in the community are not the people in the story.

The people who have been victimized are.”

The story was also set in the ’90 and early 2000s, a time when the country was grappling with racial tensions.

The movie was a part of the campaign to end the use of deadly force in policing.

But that didn’t stop people from using the film to argue for more police officers.

“This is a film that celebrates the fact that these communities are strong,” Zemecker says.

The result was that the film became a box-office smash.

In 2016, the film won six Academy Awards and became a huge box office hit.

But, according to Zemeks and Vanderbilt, the backlash to the film from critics, the public, and even the police was a big part of its success.

“There was a very clear perception among the public that the filmmakers were trying to do a movie that was insensitive and not in the spirit of what it means to be an American,” Zemaks says.

But Zemeek’s and Vanderbilts perspective on that was completely different.

The filmmakers didn’t see themselves as the racist bullies they made their films out to become.

They saw themselves as a filmmaker who’s looking for ways to create a film about real people.

And they found the right kind of film to tell that story, Zemaets says.

He says that while he was still working on “Boyhood,” he had a friend who had worked on a documentary on African-American life in the U.S. called “The Lost Boys.”

It featured a documentary that explored the experiences of African-Americans living in the South in the 1960s and 70

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