The truth behind the bloodshot was one of the big selling points for the first Bloodshot movies, but the truth is, it was all about money.

It wasn’t just the production cost, but also the money spent on the movie itself.

To get the kind of production budget that Bloodshot needed to make it to the big screen, the director, David Fincher, needed to be rich.

Finchers had previously made a deal with Universal Studios to make Bloodshot, but it was to be the first of many, with the other films being released at a later date.

Faced with a huge production budget, Finches team decided to make a bloodshot film instead, because it was cheaper to make, and because the film would also be filmed at home. 

It was only when Fincheres production manager, David Schlesinger, started getting phone calls from people in the film industry about the blood shot being filmed in New Zealand that things really took off.

Schlesingers then decided to do the blood shoot himself. 

With the money from the movie, the directors salary and the filming location, they could start to shoot the rest of the Bloodshots movies.

It was a gamble, but Finchey’s team believed it was worth it.

The biggest issue with making a blood shot was the location.

The location is actually very unusual, and one that is a lot of fun to visit.

You have to understand that New Zealand has one of those giant mountain ranges, and the mountains themselves are quite big, so the whole thing is kind of surreal, but once you are there you realise it’s all a lot more than just a place to shoot your movies.

You also have to consider that the movie is shot at night, which means there are a lot fewer people around, so they can’t see what you are doing.

There is a good chance you won’t have any lights on, so it can get pretty dark and you will have to get creative with your lighting.

This means that it’s really important that you don’t look too much like a vampire.

I don’t want to look like a vampyre, I don to look too bloody, I want to go really dark, which is the way the studio wanted it to look, so I put on a really dark suit.

The production team even went so far as to shoot in a dark room where they had no light.

There are other issues with having a lot less people around though, as you have to spend time in the dark, so you have a lot harder time shooting in a real dark place, as well as the fact that you can’t film the entire movie in a single take.

The crew had to shoot a lot on location, but they had to also get a lot from their actors, as they had had to deal with a lot physical damage to their bodies from the shooting of the previous films.

I have to admit I was surprised that they were so successful at it.

They were able to make the movie look beautiful and even look like they were just getting ready to take on the world.

There were a lot scenes where they were actually doing the filming, which was pretty cool. 

For more information about Bloodshot see the Bloodshot article.

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