The Globe and Mail is proud to bring you the premiere of Entanglement, the first movie to launch its own streaming app.

The film is directed by the Oscar-nominated director Josh Singer, who also wrote and produced the original Entourage and has a history of bringing great films to Netflix.

“Entangement is a movie I’ve always wanted to make, but I was so excited to finally get the chance to,” Singer said.

“It’s a beautifully crafted, incredibly funny, heartbreakingly dark movie about the dark underbelly of American society and the ways that it hurts people.

I was always looking forward to seeing this movie on Netflix.”

Entanglements story is set in the fictional city of Los Angeles where a group of friends, including a former classmate, are living under the threat of the city’s notorious police department.

The story is told through a series of personal flashbacks that explore the characters relationships and the everyday things that shape their lives.

Singer said that the idea for the app came after he watched Entanglements in the theater, which was an experience that had a profound effect on him.

He said he had to learn how to create stories and tell them in a way that resonated with the audiences.

Entangements plot centers around the group of misfits who make a pact to stay in the shadows and not interact with the world outside.

Although Entangement stars a plethora of familiar faces from the movie, Singer said that he had never seen the movie in a theater before.

With Entangements new Netflix app, the director said that it is a “great place for fans of the movie to find something that will be fun to watch, while still giving the story a strong cinematic tone.”

Entangler is currently streaming on Netflix, but the director plans to release the film in theaters in 2019.

The film also has a wide release in theaters. 

Entangments trailer:

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