Greenland is a movie world.

A movie set in a world of dinosaurs and unicorns.

But it’s not a movie that makes you sit up and take notice.

You watch it because you love it.

And that’s why, on the last Saturday of every month, Greenland’s premier film festival returns to the village of Lofoten.

It’s a world-class film festival where audiences can experience a movie they can’t get anywhere else.

The Lofotsen Film Festival is an international film festival that attracts more than 1,000,000 visitors a year and attracts the likes of Lord of the Rings, The Jungle Book and The Hobbit.

“We like to think of ourselves as a film-loving country but, actually, we are also a film country,” says Lofotaen Mayor Nils Eriksen.

“Our film community has grown to include a wide range of people and that’s where we are going to have our greatest success,” he says.

“So, I’m really proud that we are now one of the most important film festivals in the world.

And it’s only going to continue to grow.”

This year’s film festival has grown in popularity with the rise of digital cinema.

“We’re really proud of our technology,” says Erikson.

“You have access to everything now.

We’re really happy to have access and I think it’s a fantastic time to be a film festival in the Pacific.”

Eriksen says Loput’s film-friendly environment has helped the festival draw in some of the world’s biggest names.

“This year there are a lot of big names that we haven’t seen before,” he explains.

“The list of directors and stars that are coming to Lofotten is really, really impressive.”

The Lofotte Film Festival attracts film stars like Mark Hamill and Tom Hardy.

The Lopota Film Festival celebrates a culture that is at the forefront of science fiction and fantasy, a culture with a rich history.

“It’s a big change to where we were 20 years ago,” says Mr Erikser.

“The Lophotten Festival was a festival where we had the films coming out that were actually happening and then people were not watching the films anymore because the films were coming out on DVD or Blu-Ray.”

And then you had the internet where you could watch it on your computer or your tablet.

“I think it was really a great thing to see and it was a great time to have.”

There are also other films that have made the cut that have attracted attention from film critics and audiences.

“I don’t know what film critics are looking for, but we’ve got films that we’re really passionate about,” says local filmmaker and Lofoetan filmmaker, Mark Hagen.

“One of the best films we’ve made is The Long Night, the one about the ghost of a woman who was killed in her bed and then the next film is The Last Starfighter, about the space race,” he adds.

“That’s just a great film and I just love them all.”

A film festival for the film-loversThe LOFoten Film festival has a reputation for being the most popular film festival on the Pacific coast.

It attracts around 2,000 people a day and is a great place to meet new friends and meet film lovers.

“Lofotens film scene is one of my favourite scenes,” says Mark Hägglund.

“It’s so beautiful and so rich.”

Mark has been attending the festival for over 20 years and says it’s great to have such a rich film history here.

“When I first started, I thought Lofotonn would be a very small village,” he recalls.

“But it’s become a much larger community with a lot more people coming to see films.”

The festival has been praised for its diversity. “

They’re very welcoming.”

The festival has been praised for its diversity.

“There’s some film that is quite different to the ones we see here in Lofortone,” says Dr Eriksson.

“A film like The Long Sea is a real achievement because it is really different to what’s being shown in the rest of Europe.

It has a lot to offer and that diversity is very important.”

For more information about the Lofooten Film Fest, or to book a screening visit:

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