The U.S. has more than a dozen movie stars, including Kevin Spacey, Chris Evans and Amy Adams.

Canada has four.

Japan has three.

Australia has two.

South Korea has one.

Germany has one, but not the world’s highest.

India has none.

The United Kingdom has none, according to data compiled by the International Federation of the Film Industry (IFFI).

But some nations are ahead of the U.K. in the video game and TV game industry.

Japan and South Korea have the most top-grossing video game franchises.

Canada, Australia, South Korea and Japan all have at least two of their top-earning video game stars.

Japan’s Hayato Sakurai is a popular game designer who is often cited by game makers for his “graphics-heavy” approach.

He’s the chief creative officer for Nihon Falcom, which makes the Dragon Quest series.

Canada’s Chris Wilson has been a video game producer for years.

He recently launched the company Naughty Dog Games, which has a number of notable titles like Uncharted and The Last of Us.

India’s Ramesh Raghavan is a video-game producer and writer.

He is the creator of the acclaimed game Dead Island.

Japan, meanwhile, has a string of top-selling games.

Its recent games include the action game Dead Rising and the role-playing game Persona 4 Arena.

South Africa, which is home to some of the world�s most talented and popular video game developers, has three video game superstars.

The country also has a high number of top video game makers.

In total, there are at least four video game studios in South Africa.

It also has some of Africa�s highest-profile developers, including the game developer Naughty Dogs, the video-games giant Ubisoft and the developer of the popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga.

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