Aussie filmmaker Peter Brackett has posted a movie trailer for his new feature documentary, Cats and Dogs, which was produced in Australia by his brother, former editor at The Daily Telegraph.

The film is based on a book by Australian author and journalist Nick Land that describes a fictionalised life of a cat and dog, as well as his experience working as a translator in Asia for the Australian government.

“This is not my first film,” Bracketts said in a statement.

“I have always been fascinated by cats and the way we relate to them and how we have a very complex relationship with them.”

The film will look at how we use cats and dogs to tell stories that are important to us, and that I think are of interest to many Australians.

“Cats are an endangered species, and are still under threat from poaching and trade.”

They are misunderstood, misunderstood, and we need to learn how to communicate with them and respect their relationship.

“It’s a story about friendship, family, caring, respect, and a special bond we share with each other.”

Read more: Aussie director Peter Bracks has posted the trailer for the new documentary Cats and Dog, which is set to be released in Australia on May 6.

The documentary follows two Australian cat lovers, Paul and Julie, who embark on a quest to find their missing friend Pegasus.

Bracketts previously directed films like The Long Walk to a Small Place and the Australian Animals of New Zealand.

Read moreThe film follows two cat lovers and their quest to locate their missing buddy Pegasus who disappeared while hiking in Australia.

“There’s a lot of very emotional scenes that are very much part of our Australian culture, so we’ve taken a lot from that,” he said.

“We wanted to bring it back to Australia, and to tell the story of a very special relationship that has been with cats for generations, and now is the time for us to finally tell the full story.”

So that’s why we’re going to make this film.

It’s really going to be an Australian film.

I’m very proud of what we’ve done here and I’m excited to make it in Australia.

“Watch the trailer below:A trailer for Cats and Pets, based on Nick Land’s book about the life of an Australian cat and how he deals with people’s questions about his relationship with the animal.

Cat and Dog is being directed by former editor-at-large Nick Land, who wrote the book and will produce the film.

You can watch the trailer above.

Cat fans have already begun tweeting their excitement for the film, with many expressing support for the pair.

We’re happy to announce that Cats and Pigs is now available in Australia via our #Pegasation hashtag #Pets #CatPodcast.


#AustralianFilms #Cats #Cogs #Animals #CATSPodcast

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