The DIO are back, and this time they’ve got some great tunes to celebrate their tenth anniversary.DIA – “Mama” (1994)From the soundtrack of the film ‘Titanic’ (2001)DIA are one of those bands that always seem to hit a home run with fans and critics alike, and their ninth studio album, Mama, is no different.

The band’s classic ’90’s sound is still intact and the album is full of catchy melodies and catchy hooks that have been picked up from classic rock to hip-hop.

This is one of the band’s finest records to date.

The DIO’s debut studio album ‘The DIA’ features a number of classic tunes that they’ve been working on since they first got together in 1999.

Some of the tunes are really catchy, but many of the songs on Mama are some of their most distinctive and enjoyable tracks.

You might even notice the DIO as they sing these tunes.

If you love classic rock music, this is a must listen.

Check out a few of the tracks on Mama below:Mama – “The Diamante” (1989)DIANE – “I’ve Been Waiting” (1998)DIO – “You Don’t Need Us” (1990)MAMA – “We Found a New Star” (1999)MOMA – “Loyalty” (1993)The DIANE released their first album on April 25, 1996, while DIO recorded their debut studio record on March 14, 1999.

The DIANEs ’90-released debut album, DIA, had more songs that were nominated for Grammy Awards than any other band of the time, including hits like “Loving You” and “I Don’t Wanna Know What Love Is”.

The Diacs ’90 debut album is available now on vinyl, CD and digital.MAMA: “My Friend” (1995)DICIA – “(You Don) Need Us”(1998)MADRIGO – “Bored” (2002)The band’s second studio album is now available on vinyl.

You can listen to “Buddie Song” on the album and check out the DIANEA’s first album ‘Buddies’ on the Diamantes album ‘I Can’t Get Enough’.DIA: “The Love Song” (1996)MDA – “A Song About Love” (1997)The original DIA released their fourth studio album on March 7, 2000, and was one of their best-selling albums ever.

This album includes some of DIA’s best songs.

You could also enjoy songs from the bands ‘DIA album ‘We’re So Close’, including “You Need Me” and some of The DIES “Titanics” (2000) and ‘Tritonal’ (2000).DIA & MDA – ‘A Song about Love’ (1997)(MDA & DIA)Mama: “I Know I’m A Good Girl” (1992)MCA – “No One” (2001)(MCA & DIANES)The album is still a cult classic and has been used by millions of fans.

The album is also available in a deluxe vinyl edition and as a digital download.

The MDA & The DICIA reunion concert is scheduled for this weekend.MADRIG – “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (2012)The MCA’s third studio album from 2012 is still available on Vinyl.

You have to listen to the full album to hear the MCAs songs on the record.

This was the band\’s fourth studio record, but it is their best to date with some big hits like \”I Can\’t Get Enough\” and \”I Don\’t Wanna Die Alone.

You can also listen to MCA\’s “You Ain\’t Seen Nothing Yet” on this vinyl release.MCA: “You Might Be the One”

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