On Thursday, Netflix announced its third-quarter earnings, and it showed that its subscriber base has grown in the wake of the company’s acquisition of Hulu.

Netflix also showed a strong growth in its overall subscription service revenue, which is now up to about $40 billion.

But, while the streaming service was growing, it was also seeing a lot of losses.

For the quarter, Netflix lost $16.6 billion, or about 3.7 percent, and paid $3.1 billion in fees to the entertainment industry.

Netflix had reported revenue of $51.6 million for the quarter.

That loss, however, is much worse than other online video companies, which lost $8.6 and $6.7 billion for the first three quarters of 2017, respectively.

The streaming service also saw a big spike in its cost of revenue.

Netflix’s total revenue for the period grew by just under $3 billion, to $56.4 billion.

That is a big jump from the $34.5 billion it earned in the first quarter, when it reported revenue less than $17 billion.

The company said it will be able to recover $10 billion to $15 billion of that loss by the end of the year.

Netflix also revealed a number of big changes in its content strategy.

Netflix will soon start to release original shows from the streaming platform.

These shows will be available in their entirety, on Netflix, on VOD platforms, and on Amazon Prime Video.

That will also allow the company to continue offering new shows and movies on its service, and will allow it to better position itself for growth as a content provider.

Netflix has also begun to release movies, which will be released on its platform in their original quality and with more of a focus on the content than with other streaming services.

Netflix, however that growth isn’t just limited to new shows.

Netflix is also going to start releasing movies on Vod, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus, as well.

Netflix says it will begin to roll out its VOD service to subscribers on February 17.

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