The hottest Indian movie stars will be debuting in a major way on Vimeo for the first time this year. 

The first Vimeo-enabled movie star to be shown on the video platform, Vibes, is a romantic comedy that has been in production for two years and has been shot in India. 

Its title, Love Me Like You Do, comes from the protagonist’s experience with his ex-girlfriend. 

 The film stars actress Anurag Kashyap as a high schooler in Delhi who decides to marry a woman who he meets at a bar. 

She has a different way of thinking. 

A couple of weeks later, the lovebirds are at the wedding of their dreams, and Anurak and his girlfriend, Raju, embark on a romantic journey together. 

In India, it’s not uncommon to see movie stars performing, but there’s no official recognition for Vibesh stars. 

As part of the India Vibe Festival, the film will be shown at the India Cinemas on September 18. 

Here’s a look at the hottest Indian film stars: Anurakh KashyappAnurakh is an actor, producer and writer who has starred in several films.

He was the only male actor in the Hindi film, Baba Rangana Joshi. 

His debut feature, I Want to Be with You, was an international bestseller, and was released by Sony Pictures in 2016. 

 Anurag KhaitanAnurak is an Indian actor, director, producer, and producer of films.

His most recent films include The Sun, which won the Best Film Oscar, and Love, which was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Screenplay. 

Anuraj KapoorAnurah Kapoor is an American actress, producer/director. 

Her films include the acclaimed film, The Post, which she starred in and directed, and the critically acclaimed film Grown Ups 2. 

Daniels parents, John and Janis, died when she was just 17. 

Janis was also pregnant when she took her last breath, and has remained in touch with her daughter since her death. 

Kashyap plays a man who tries to raise his daughter by himself, but soon finds his love for her is just as powerful as his own. 

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