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When Will the Biggest Movie Release Ever Come?

A major movie release in the United States is coming in the coming weeks, with Sony's Underwater movie being one of the big players.The release is expected to come on March 15, 2019.Sony said in a statement that the release is "likely" to be the biggest in history, as the company will hold more than 300 screenings worldwide.There are more

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What is an Upcoming Movie?

Movie lovers have long enjoyed streaming their favorite movies online and that has given rise to the possibility of new movies being added to the Netflix catalog.But the Netflix Instant video service has never had the capability to automatically add a movie to its catalog.That is, a movie was never added to a user's library unless the user signed in

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‘It’s a very good day’: Justin Trudeau takes the first step in becoming first Canadian PM to address parliament

Justin Trudeau has taken the first steps in becoming Canada's first prime minister to address the House of Commons by addressing the House itself.Trudeau, a former Toronto mayor who is now Canada's third-longest-serving prime minister, is expected to deliver his address on Tuesday evening at 11:30 a.m.ET (10:30 p.m in Newfoundland and Labrador).He will be the first Canadian leader to

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Which games are best for watching movies?

IGN's new Movie Download Guide is here!Featuring the best movies to watch online, along with the best mobile apps to download movies to your phone or tablet.If you haven't seen the new Movie Play app yet, you can now stream your favorite movies to any device and watch them in-browser.The app allows you to set your own time and view

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